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2010’s Top 10 Teams

Thanks to all the Team Captains who ran into the MS Society office yesterday to make those last-minute donations to ensure their top spot in the Top 10 Fundraising Teams! This was a true fight to the finish.  Great job, team captains, encouraging your teams to do more for those living with MS — you have truly made your mark! 

These Top 10 Teams that will be lining up Saturday morning at the Start Line behind the Velo Valero Bike Team. The winners’ are:

  1. AT&T Spinners, $50,845.00
  2. Shaw Systems Cycling, $44,445.39
  3. Third Street Grackles, $44,114.39
  4. HOLT CAT, $33,815.50
  5. Team Seb Cennamo, $29,704.00
  6. Team Broadway, $24,113.65
  7. Miracle In Motion, $23,199.58
  8. Neurology Center of San Antonio, $19,219.66
  9. Team ETC, $16,092.42
  10. MH vs MS, $15,970.00

Ride Recovery Karaoke Contest

After riding 75 or 100 miles on Day 1 you may be looking for something at the Overnight to take your mind off your spent legs and various chaffed body parts. And, of course, there’s no better distraction than watching a fellow cyclist on stage, microphone in hand, belting out his or her favorite karaoke tune.

Be sure to head over the Overnight’s stage area from 4-6 p.m. (Saturday, Oct. 9, at Comal County Fairgrounds) to take in the contest. You and your friends/team can sign up to participate in the fun at the stage. Winners from the preliminary round will proceed to the finals, beginning at 6 p.m. The final round of contestants will have the privilege of singing with a live band, thanks to the generosity of our title sponsor Valero. The winner(s) will receive a golden microphone prize and have the honor of lining up first in the chute with the Club 100 on Sunday, October 10.

Where is Your Team?

Joining, training and riding with a team is one of the great joys of participating in the Bike MS: Valero Ride. Team captains do a great job of organizing training rides and motivating team members to raise money for the the team’s fundraising total.

Friendly competition between teams has always been a lot of fun. One of the ways we like to reward the top 10 fundraising teams is to give them “top billing” at the Start Line and allow them to line up at the front of the pack, directly behind team Velo Valero. Is your team in the Top 10? If not, there’s still time! Who’s going to break into this group?

1. AT&T Spinners – $42,587.80
2. Third Street Grackles -$22,977.00
3. HOLT CAT – $20,028.50
4. Shaw Systems Cycling Team (formerly Pappas Posse) – $16,833.50
5. Team Seb Cennamo – 13,8930.00
6. Team Broadway – $13,085.00
7. Neurology Center of San Antonio – $12,274.84
8. Miracle In Motion – $11,310.00
9. Team ETC – $10586.42
10. Brittons – $7591.00

Attention Teams: Team Tent Orders due Sept. 10

If your team wants to rent a tent for the Oct. 9 Overnight at Comal County Fairgrounds, CLICK HERE to download an order form (Word file). Complete the file and fax it to Christie Steblein, Promoter Line, at 817-557-6155. Christie can also help you if your team is interested in renting tables and chairs. You can reach Christie at 817-557-1009.