2010’s Top 10 Teams

Thanks to all the Team Captains who ran into the MS Society office yesterday to make those last-minute donations to ensure their top spot in the Top 10 Fundraising Teams! This was a true fight to the finish.  Great job, team captains, encouraging your teams to do more for those living with MS — you have truly made your mark! 

These Top 10 Teams that will be lining up Saturday morning at the Start Line behind the Velo Valero Bike Team. The winners’ are:

  1. AT&T Spinners, $50,845.00
  2. Shaw Systems Cycling, $44,445.39
  3. Third Street Grackles, $44,114.39
  4. HOLT CAT, $33,815.50
  5. Team Seb Cennamo, $29,704.00
  6. Team Broadway, $24,113.65
  7. Miracle In Motion, $23,199.58
  8. Neurology Center of San Antonio, $19,219.66
  9. Team ETC, $16,092.42
  10. MH vs MS, $15,970.00

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