Letter of the Day – D

Jeff, Pam, Wheely and Rita have some great information up on their fantastic Bike MS: Valero training blogs. If you haven’t yet visited their blogs, you’re really missing out. Each of our bloggers are riders just like you, who deal with many of the same challenges you will deal with as you prepare for the Oct. 9 ride. Take a visit and please leave them a comment!

Let’s get to the letter D:

DonateJeff has issued a fundraising challenges to readers of his blog. Donate to his fundraising efforts for the Bike MS: Valero ride and he will match it, dollar for dollar, until $1,000 is raised. Way to go Jeff!

Determination. Pam writes about the many variables that can go wrong during a training ride (you probably have experienced these firsthand). However,  there is one thing can get you count on to get you through any adverse event – Determination.

Dr Pepper. Training in August in South Texas can be flat out painful. The heat can sap your legs of all power and a blast of hot, humid air in the face can make you cry for Mom. While the soft drink is not an official sponsor of the ride, Wheely Wonka likes to recover from hot training rides by drinking Dr Pepper and chocolate milk , naturally. (Personal note: Drinking milk is disgusting.)

Drafting. Rita talks about the benefit of riding in a paceline and offers some very good advice: practice riding in a paceline before you really need drafting to help you get back to your car after a grueling ride.


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