Eye of The Tiger, Grandma

Bike MS Ambassador Wheely Wonka (aka, Peter Ray) was busy riding and — lucky for us — blogging about his training, including a great post on evaluating your fitness based on a regular ride you can use as a benchmark.

Wheely also has a great post up on hill training that, I can attest, is true for running as well as cycling. He also includes a useful route that he calls Hillfest.

“On a hot summer night when you ride this and you slow down to sweaty single digits on the climbs, you feel a pain and an exhilaration as you near the crests that is unbelievable.”

Now I’ll get to where the Grandma in the headline came from… Over at the excellent Bike MS Captain (B)log, author Pam Sabrsula describes a recent Sunday ride with a friend that was met with mixed results from grandma drivers (literally) on the way to church:

“…she did not take kindly to having to slow down and wait for cars to pass before driving around us.  This was readily apparent by the movement of her mouth and the hand flailing gestures she made in our direction.  Would she have reacted differently if she had known we were only out there preparing for a charity ride?”

I have a hunch that a majority of you know the feeling. Please stop by both blogs and let them know your thoughts. Who’s going to be the first to get the comments rolling??


One response to “Eye of The Tiger, Grandma

  1. Great info!

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