Blogger Count: Fore!

Please help us welcome our fourth Bike MS Ambassador blogger, Rita Minerd!

There are two really cool reasons why you should regularly visit and follow Rita’s training and fundraising journey this year:

  1. Rather than use a standard blogging program, Rita has been utilizing the blog function on her My Participant Center page to chronicle her Bike MS experiences. By using her personal participant center page she gets to blog and also show her family and friends that they can easily donate online to the Society in her name.
  2. Secondly, and most importantly, Rita is a participant who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. But, as you’ll see, multiple sclerosis does not have her. Rita is an avid cyclist who has a particular interest in MS research. Following her blog will hopefully remind everyone why our event is so great — the funds you raise help the National MS Society financially support MS research in many forms throughout the country.

Please stop by Rita’s page and say “Hi.” You’ll be hearing a lot about her throughout this ride season.

Have a great weekend! …and don’t forget to get some exercise. Oh… and one other thing – Check out our eCard!! This is a really fun way to recruit family and friends to join you in the ride. Plus (get ready for some begging) this is a project that I’ve spent many hours working on — I need you to help make it a success!


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