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Don’t Get Beat by The Heat

Blog quote of the week comes from Wheely Wonka:

“It’s at times like this when it ‘s easy to say, ‘I’ll skip a day.  I don’t really need to run/ride today – I think I’ll sit on the couch and inhale cheese balls.’ Well that, my friends, is the wrong answer.”

Wheely has a great post up on the importance of sticking to your conditioning plan during the dog days of summer. Check it out and be sure to wish him luck keeping his eyes on the treadmill while in Las Vegas.

As if on cue, Jeff and Rita have also been blogging about their recent training.

You can visit Rita’s training log on her My Participant Center page.

Jeff, not unlike Wheely a few days ago, headed to the hills to feel that burn, complete with route suggestions.


Eye of The Tiger, Grandma

Bike MS Ambassador Wheely Wonka (aka, Peter Ray) was busy riding and — lucky for us — blogging about his training, including a great post on evaluating your fitness based on a regular ride you can use as a benchmark.

Wheely also has a great post up on hill training that, I can attest, is true for running as well as cycling. He also includes a useful route that he calls Hillfest.

“On a hot summer night when you ride this and you slow down to sweaty single digits on the climbs, you feel a pain and an exhilaration as you near the crests that is unbelievable.”

Now I’ll get to where the Grandma in the headline came from… Over at the excellent Bike MS Captain (B)log, author Pam Sabrsula describes a recent Sunday ride with a friend that was met with mixed results from grandma drivers (literally) on the way to church:

“…she did not take kindly to having to slow down and wait for cars to pass before driving around us.  This was readily apparent by the movement of her mouth and the hand flailing gestures she made in our direction.  Would she have reacted differently if she had known we were only out there preparing for a charity ride?”

I have a hunch that a majority of you know the feeling. Please stop by both blogs and let them know your thoughts. Who’s going to be the first to get the comments rolling??

Blogger Count: Fore!

Please help us welcome our fourth Bike MS Ambassador blogger, Rita Minerd!

There are two really cool reasons why you should regularly visit and follow Rita’s training and fundraising journey this year:

  1. Rather than use a standard blogging program, Rita has been utilizing the blog function on her My Participant Center page to chronicle her Bike MS experiences. By using her personal participant center page she gets to blog and also show her family and friends that they can easily donate online to the Society in her name.
  2. Secondly, and most importantly, Rita is a participant who has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. But, as you’ll see, multiple sclerosis does not have her. Rita is an avid cyclist who has a particular interest in MS research. Following her blog will hopefully remind everyone why our event is so great — the funds you raise help the National MS Society financially support MS research in many forms throughout the country.

Please stop by Rita’s page and say “Hi.” You’ll be hearing a lot about her throughout this ride season.

Have a great weekend! …and don’t forget to get some exercise. Oh… and one other thing – Check out our eCard!! This is a really fun way to recruit family and friends to join you in the ride. Plus (get ready for some begging) this is a project that I’ve spent many hours working on — I need you to help make it a success!

SA Campaign to Inform Public About Bike Safety

Bike MS: Valero Ambassador Jeff Vaughn has a new, great blog post up discussing “Get Cyched,” which is a city-sponsored campaign aimed at making San Antonio more bike-friendly and healthier, which will hopefully help SA lose its “fattest city” designation. Check it out and let Jeff know what you think!

Please Help Welcome Wheely Wonka!

The Great Peter Ray

I am pleased to introduce our next Bike MS: Valero Ambassador Peter Ray! Peter, aka Wheely Wonka, has a fantastic Bike MS blog that we think everyone will enjoy following. Why do we think you’ll enjoy this blog? Well, Peter has already blogged about Weird Al Yankovic, riding his cruiser at First Friday in San Antonio, beer and snoring.

Be sure to leave Wheely Wonka a comment to lobby for your favorite Weird Al song or to relay any reliable snoring remedies. Thanks for the great blog, Peter!

Sneak Peak at the 2010 Top Fundraiser Jersey

Special thanks to the supremely talented Jaime Vaughn of Jaime Vaughn Design for creating our cool top fundraiser jerseys. We hope you like them and we would love to see 100s of them on the road Oct. 9-10 during our ride!!

Shorter & Longer 2010 Route Options

Afraid that 160 miles is too far? Fear not, we’ve added a shorter Day One ride option for 2010 called Arby’s Lunch Express. For you more experienced riders, we will again offer the beautiful River Road Century Challenge, which extends the Day One route to 100 miles. You can choose either option during registration.